Beyond the Beyond: Queerness and the myth of Post-Colonialism

On Thursday, December 7th, at 4pm, the UWW Department of Languages and Literatures is honored to welcome Serena Chopra to speak/read at the second instalment of the 2018 Warhawk Reading and Lecture Series. This event will be held in the lounge on the 3rd floor of Laurentide.

Serena Chopra has a PhD from the University of Denver and an MFA from the University of Colorado. She is the author of This Human (Coconut 2013) and Ic (Horse Less Press 2017), as well as Penumbra (Flying Guillotine Press 2012) and Livid Season (Free Poetry 2012). A 2016-2017 Fulbright Scholar to India, Chopra is also a multidisciplinary artist working in professional dance, theater, and visual arts and currently teaches in the MFA program at Naropa University’s Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics.

In addition to reading from recent work, Chopra will give a talk titled “Beyond the Beyond: Queerness and the myth of Post-Colonialism.” This lecture investigates the extent to which colonialism is anything but “post.” Using queerness as a space relegated to non-normative, non-capital positionalities, Chopra argues that the myth of postcolonialism and consequent identity politics have at once empowered colonialist modes and economies while at the same time drawn lines between various marginalized communities, weakening their combined potential. Chopra suggests that marginalization does not have to take the role of victimization against the dominant culture, thereby re-imagining marginalization as an empowered and valuable space.


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